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As mentioned a few days ago (while looking at EINN Shannon), the same developer (Ciano35) has been revising EICK Cork as time permits and, as also mentioned, this has been a favorite of ours for years, all the way back to its 2010 release. I opened the file a few months ago (in Xp11.05) and noted some progress, but the interior was as dark as a tomb so I left it at that. Then I saw a revision pop at the Org yesterday and got it onboard. So…what’s up?


That’s about all I can say.


Let’s take a look.


Compare the image above with one from 2010:

EICK 2010

You can get an idea of how far this scenery file has come with this comparison, but also how much Xp has evolved in eight years, and again, just by looking at this one image…but of all the changes my eye went to the glass features on the main terminal building. Because this file has always been about the Cormac Shaw’s work here.


Still, Ciano35’s revisions are taking the basic scenery file and moving it out a little to include the industrial/commercial development attached to the airport (bottom of image, above). Read the changelog at the Org for a good idea of just how much work has gone into revising the original…and you’ll better appreciate what you’re looking at.


Including a new tower, but here I’ve got a little scenery conflict brewing…between the EICK Cork file and AlpilotX’s European Farms & Trees file – with the end result being a dairy farm in the middle of the tower, and obscuring the little car park. Might be a scenery load order issue, or it could be an exclusion zone issue. Regardless, I almost like the way it looks! Almost!

Now let’s look at that terminal a little closer.


This has always been a good one, one of the best in Xp, because from the very first this file included…


…a nicely modeled interior. In other words, clear “glass” and objects on the “floor” – and not textures applied to a facade. It’s kind of hard to overstate just how big a turning point this was for X-plane, too. How new possibilities opened up for a bunch of developers. When Simon & myself released our KMMH the terminal had a visible interior – because of the influence of this file. Still, it looks like Ciano35 has taken the original and really set about improving the entire affair.


With PBR materials and hi-def rendering now the norm, this file has finally come into its own – with tons of hard work by the new developer. Still, there was that dark interior and I was curious, so I turned down the lights and this is what I found…


Even pulling up in the MD80 you can see some changes, but turn off the landing and taxi lights and even more pops…like the ceiling beams…but this isn’t the best angle to see all the changes. Try getting outside, maybe down on the ramps, like this…


…and you’ll see a bit more as you move about.


Yes, it’s still a little dark up there, but it has changed. Why? How can you tell?

EICK n00

Well, in the image above you’re inside the building again, and you can see lights on the ceiling, and on the piers. Still, it’s dark in there, like the light sources aren’t really meant for interior objects.

The next two images got me, however. This almost looks like an architectual rendering to my eye.



You can see the interior lighting now, from this angle, but I think this is the only part of the building with lighting. Check out the front of the terminal building (below), and notice how dark it remains?

EICK nnn1

EICK nnn2

Between all the additions Ciano35 has made to the original file, as well as the recent improvements, this is rapidly becoming one of the best freeware files we have. Certainly a good pairing with AeroSoft EIDW Dublin, which is a seriously good payware file. With more work on lighting?


Anyway, the real EICK Cork is located here:


Aer Lingus and Ryanair, of course, fly from here, but so too do Air France, SWISS, Iberia, and Norwegian Air Shuttle. Spain and the Med are top destinations. One of my best recent experiences in Xp was flying from LEVS to EICK.

I wonder what your best will be? Just take off or arrive – at night!

Later – C

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