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XSR hdr mzl

I wanted to get those images of Mazatlan I mentioned yesterday posted – while Rufio’s other airports are still fresh in mind, if only to keep the Lego-brick construction method he uses in mind while we look this new one over. And then a new LFLL Lyon popped up last night, and this file is NOT from xpfr…and, that may trouble some of you –. Anyway, let’s take another look ‘down Mexico way,’ because Rufio’s latest is the best of this bunch – so far.

MMMZ hdr

MMMZ Mazatlan is located on the Pacific coast almost due west of Mexico City; it is an extremely popular beachside resort destination frequented by tourists from the US, principally from California, Oregon, and Washington State, and Canada, as well.


And here’s the region in context with the other airports we looked at yesterday.


It’s worth noting that the three big US legacy carriers, American, Delta, and United, all fly here, but so do Alaskan, Sun Country, Sunwing, and Westjet. In fact, there’s more service from MMMZ to the US than to domestic cities. Much of this service is seasonal, reflecting the nature of winter in the northern United States & Canada – and the need to flee knee-deep snow…

MMMZ vfr

The airport sits on a slight plateau above the city, and the sea, with moderately tall mountains not far to the east. There’s a single 8800 ft runway here, with, of course, ILS. Charts are available from Jeppesen and Navigraph, as well as domestic sources.


Now, let’s look at the three major areas on the airport grounds. First up, isolated on the far east part of the airport, and just off the GA ramps, you’ll find a single helipad:


The GA area is tight but there’s room for a few dozen aircraft here. There are maintenance hangers and related aviation businesses in this area, as well.

MMMx overview


Next, there’s a sizeable air cargo area:

MMMx cargo

And then, the main terminal area, which is divided into two concourses (A & B):

MMMX ov1

This is a standard Lego-brick construct with Xp11 lighting, and it’s brilliantly executed for a Laminar Library object.

MMMx term 1

Does it look like the terminal on the ground?

MMMX real

Not exactly. Still, from the cockpit in Xp it looks quite nice. Without getting into the whole freeware vs payware debate raging right now, this is a nice interpretation of what’s on the ground – with one important caveat. It’s an interpretation using Laminar’s Library, ONLY. As such, performance is stellar. Accuracy? Well, that isn’t the point, is it?

MMMx t2

MMMx t3

There are also tons of little details added – that really bring an extra layer of immersion to the file. Tank farm, parking lots with good cars, roadways and lots of movement, sky-bridges, a decent tower…it’s a long list – and this is a really good file. A 10/10 on the Must Have scale.

MMMx tank farm

And this is kind of what the debate is turning out to focus on. Freeware files that are looking really very nice. Not accurate, but nice. Detailed, lots of movement, and super performance. Everything Laminar promised when they announced implementation of their plausible world – now more than five years ago. After most FsX developers said thanks, but no thanks.

And now they want in on the action, but this is what they’re up against.

MMMx end

That’s called “irony,” folks.


We wrote a month or so ago about xpfr’s LFLL Lyon, and how the file has languished for almost ten years now, and yet this airport is one of the crown jewels of commercial aviation in France. It ought to be xpfr’s crown jewel, too, but instead, the file has withered and is hardly usable now. Well, we mentioned in that post that if xpfr was going to give up on the file, maybe someone else would come around and take up the challenge.

Guess what?


And even the developer of this “new” LFLL file advises this is just his first outing. He admits the airport is still not as detailed as it should be.


Okay…so just what, exactly, does this mean?


Is he going to finish the file out? Or, is this a challenge to xpfr?

Like: “Come on, guys! If you won’t, I will!”


There are, as yet, no rail lines, no parking areas, no ground clutter, no movement…but the rough outlines of a decent, updated airport are taking shape.

Hey, xpfr? Are you taking note? Do you care? This is your baby, and the ball is most definitely in your court now. Will you rise to the occasion? Will you proclaim this as your signature airport – before the opportunity is lost, forever? Your Tours files showed us that you can still make incredible airport files…so please! Get back in the game! A lot of people are watching, and a lot of people care about your next step…

Later – C


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