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An interesting update came out Saturday evening, to Stockholm, Sweden’s ESSB Bromma Airport, and this file will slip right into your operations all around the Baltic. Bromma is the third busiest airport in Sweden, with service to most airports in the region, but there is also limited international service here, too. Let’s take a look:


While Bromma fits into the greater scheme of things regarding our Baltic OPS scheme, in reality, most international traffic is to Helsinki (#3, above), and to Brussels (off the map, above, #4); major domestic destinations include Malmo (1) and Gothenburg (2). Here’s the airport in GoogleEarthPro:


Of note: this facility is the closest to the city center of the three major Stockholm area airports. As such, the facility is completely surrounded by densely packed urban neighborhoods – as seen here, below, in Xp11.11 – with objects at MAX:

ESSB surroundings 1

ESSB overvu xp

Below, a few images of the real airport:

ESSB real 1

ESSB real 2

Note, Braathens Regional remains a large operator of BAe/Avro Rj-85 and -100 aircraft, so I will once again shamelessly plug the Avroliner Project’s aircraft files for Xp 10 & 11. Below, the real control tower, and you know what comes next, don’t you?

You will, of course, find that the control tower in the file is the same one found in TDGs Palermo, Sicily (LICJ) file, among others. As I have never made a twelve-sided structure in SketchUp, of any kind, I feel the need to make another control tower coming on. Sorry. Below, an example of the paint on a recent Braathens Rj-100:

ESSB Rj85 real

Now…let’s look at TDGs ESSB Bromma Airport v2 for X-plane 11. Below, this first image, with the 732v3 in the foreground, was made with all rendering options at MAX. The windows in the darker brick building, right, are quite well defined at these settings; drop texture quality below MAX and these windows are reduced to smears. Oddly enough, the lighter gray building in the center retains clarity at medium settings. Hard to tell what you’ll end up when using multiple scenery libraries.

ESSB 732 ramps

ESSB parking.jpg

Above, the primary aircraft parking areas, with small aircraft relegated to the area in the bottom half of the image, and commercial aircraft on the two brightly lighted peninsulas, middle/top/right.

ESSB ramps 1

Position 7 with a 752, above, and a 738, below. The 752 is a marginal operator here, though I had no issue getting off the ground in Xp.

ESSB ramps 738

TDG does a great job including small, often overlooked details, in his files. Below, a small construction site, hard by ramps and taxiways. Many payware developers could learn a thing or two here.

ESSB ramps construction site

And he’s included not only appropriate static aircraft – but PEOPLE, too! – including passengers boarding the Rjs. Who would have thought…?

ESSB ramps ppl1

ESSB ramps ppl 2

I still feel bad after ripping the revised EDDC file a few nights ago, but really… Why no people there? Is it a copyright issue? People look, well, good out there on the asphalt. Kind of like they belong there, ya know? The whole Zombie Apocalypse look just doesn’t work for me.

I made the mistake of opening the file with hideous weather conditions set once again, and while it looks interesting the reality in X-plane right now is more than a little off-kilter. It’s a tire adhesion problem, and Austin is apparently aware of the issue and a fix is in the work, but let me tell you this much, based on recent experience. You can get a 737 in X-plane spinning like a figure skater out there on an icy ramp like this.

Below, with wind at 29 knots (higher gusts), temp at -10F (yes, that’s minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit) and with moderate precipitation falling – as snow – but you’ll find the ramps and taxiways are frozen solid. I mean, those ramps have an identical coefficient of friction as a World Cup/FIS slalom course. Maybe a Super G. Release the brakes and away you go, all 150,000 pounds of you and your 737 – whirling like a dervish. Try braking. It’s fun. Hint: use your thrust reversers for a real thrill. You CAN make it to the run-up area, but it’s frustrating – and not at all realistic. And…the issue will probably go away soon, so why not give it a try while you still can. I mean, really, have you ever made a 737 do donuts in a parking lot?

I thought not.

Now’s your chance!

ESSB ramps 2 ice

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

ESSB ramps 3 ice

When it’s cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey, even in X-plane, things look different. Note the exhaust coming out of the 738, above? Blue? Is that blue?

ESSB ramps 4 ice

Yup. Blue. It looks cold, whatever it is. I guess ice crystals are blue. Sometimes.

ESSB ramps pit ice 1

Above, the view from inside the front office BEFORE the brakes were released. I was too busy laughing after…while the Boeing pirouetted off the ramp. Brakes did nothing, btw. Once the aircraft is in motion, off she goes.

So, on to another topic. Here’s the Aerodrome Chart:

ESSB chart 1

…and the Parking Chart:

ESSB chart 2

And note, there are NDB + DME + ILS charts for Rwy 30, NDB + DME charts for 30, NDB + ILS for 12, NDB + NDB for 30, NDB for 12, as well as multiple VFR charts available – from third-party sources; no charts are included with the download. Both SIDs and STARs are available for runways 12 & 30, too.

All in all, we’re big fans of TDGs files. You can’t beat the value, and overall, they’re really quite good – despite the fact they use a bunch of scenery library objects. We’re not fans of those libraries, btw. They require constant updating and if one is missing or out of date they can stop the loading process dead in its tracks. Still, they allow developers, freeware developers, anyway, to quickly and somewhat easily churn out new files. I guess there’s really no need to reinvent the wheel for each and every aircraft hanger, but we take issue with using stock objects to replicate unique control towers and really dramatic terminal buildings. Why use library elements to make such objects if the end result is really much less interesting than the real airport? Don’t answer that one…we already know… Still, TDG does a great job with libraries, and it looks like he used custom objects in this latest update, so our hats are off to him. He’s taking the road less traveled, making really, really good freeware, and he has our thanks for what he’s given the community.

On the freeware scale, this one rates a healthy 10 out of 10, and its a Must Have File for all our Baltic wanderings

We’ll see you next time, and be safe out there. – A


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