x+s+r // updated: eddc & ksna

A few maintenance updates worth passing along, to EDDC Dresden and KSNA Orange County John Wayne. First up, let’s look at the minor tweak in California.

KSNA mod 1

Apparently, the four pads at the Helistream rooftop heliport weren’t hardened, so if you attempted to land there you were in for a rude surprise. Well, it works now. If you didn’t get a notification, check the link here. There are no installation instructions, so copy the name of the downloaded file and do a find/replace. Works like a charm.

KSNA mod 2

I checked two of the three pads (the As350 takes up the fourth), though the other helo seems to be hovering about six inches off the concrete all the time.

Another oddity. Since installing the v4mesh for this area I wanted to check out the UC Irvine campus and see if it looked any different. Well, it does. Kind of.


Instead of housing, and only housing, it looks like two of UCIs buildings are appropriately placed now; the rest are still absent. The area should look a little like this, by the by:


I had been hoping the developers would include this area at some point. UCI is such a focal point in the area, it would be nice to have in the airport file.


EDDC Dresden

This update installs autogates and further darkens the already too dark windows on the main terminal building – and, to add insult to injury, the control tower, too. I had mentioned that the main terminal looked a little too dark in my review, but, apparently, someone thought differently.

Here’s what we had in v1.0:


I felt the ramp lighting was too dark, and the terminal building as well, writing that I thought the lighting looked flat at night, and so the area lacks vibrance.

Here’s the updated version:

EDDC v1.1

The lower row of windows is now all but invisible. Are the ramps brighter?

EDDC v1.1 2

So, it looks like the developers have embraced the “Night of the Living Dead” look. Still no people visible anywhere at all, and the terminal now looks even more dead. Why not go all the way? Blacken all the windows…maybe just have a daylight only airport? We can go all the way back to v8 for lighting like this, too…

I also wrote about the excellent control they had modeled, and with the stairway so nicely detailed, as well as the interior of the control tower itself modeled, why not include a few people, too? Seemed a simple enough idea, ya know?

EDDC v1.1 tower

Well, their response was to darken all the windows in the tower. Take a great product, and make it less interesting. Good thinking, guys. Why didn’t I think of that? Keep up the good work.

One thing I didn’t notice before, the runway HIRL system on approach:


Very accurate, and nicely done. Also, take a look at all the highway signage on the 4/13 motorway:

EDDC v1.1 hwy signage

No auto-gen here! Very nice indeed. I can’t imagine the hours it took to make this.

Anyway, I hate to stoop to sarcasm but some of these changes just make no sense at all. Why not include a few people here and there? Is this supposed to be an airport – or an air cargo facility?  Or…perhaps…an architectural monument of some kind?

Hasta later, and we’ll see you next time. – A


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