x+s+r // Rotate KACK Pilatus?

KACK main hdr


That almost sounds like Klaatu’s instructions to GORT, doesn’t it?

Oh well. Not quite what’s on the agenda tonight.

iBlueYonder’s KACK Nantucket Island released as I was heading to La-La-Land (aka…my nice, warm bed), so no sleep for me tonight – because, to put it mildly, I’ve been waiting for this one…checking the iBY site several times a day.

So, the immediate question is: Does this file live up to the anticipation?

In a word, yes. In two words: Hell yes. If you need three words, well, I ain’t goin’ there. Just remember Nantucket has been the subject of countless limericks over the eons, and we’ll leave it at that.

So, put this file in the same category as KTTF Custer Gateway and KAWO Arlington and you’ll understand why many of us have been waiting for this one. Also, this island has a huge back-story – in my life. Not relevant and I won’t go there, but that was behind my thinking, too. I’m just laying that out there…okay? Bias is bias.

KACK 1 prime

Yeah…of course…I had to open this file with the Waco. Sentimental favorites walking hand in hand, I guess. But…WOW…what a hanger! I didn’t specify this either, the scenery load put me here. The asphalt is suitably worn and patched, and there’s not a lot of clutter in here, but hey, I keep a tidy hanger…


I was a little surprised to see a United A319 sitting on the ramps. I guess the whole Cheers/Wings sitcom thing had me expecting a Cessna 414 on the ramps (and yeah, it’s on the far side of the terminal…) so the sight of an Airbus kind of confused me.


Anyway, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.

Remember the New England circle we did a few weeks ago? Well, we can add NY94 to the mix, and now we have KACK to add, as well. The revised New England routing is in green below, and note that RJ routes to KBOS (red) and the New Jack City area (orange) are available should you really, really need to operate commercial out of here.


Oh, there’s that hanger again, below. Lighting here is a bit more subtle, as opposed to KTTF’s brighter lighting. It’s also much more useful than KAWOs.


Like KTTF Custer Gateway, this file includes a nicely modeled Nantucket Island city file. With World Objects MAXed out, and all detail settings (HDR, AA, Rendering) on MAX as well, framerates were still decent. If you turn in the direction of Boston, don’t be surprised if Xp starts to sputter and fume.


This Nantucket hanger is priceless. Frame your screenshots here “just so” and you’ll end up with photo-quality images.


KACK hanger 2.jpg

Taxiway markings, including lighting, struck me as perfect. Ancillary items like grass and shrubs/trees are as good as it gets.


For those of you who absolutely MUST have daylight imagery…here you go.


KACK 7.1

The main terminal building is a long, low rambling affair done up in classic New England colors of…beige. Everything in New England is painted either Beige or slate blue, but residents on Nantucket wisely chose to keep things simple here.

KACK 7.2

KACK 7.3

Criticisms? Not many people walking around on the ramps, otherwise everything else – like lighting – just works.

KACK ramps

There are multiple ramp/apron areas, dedicated RJ areas, and multiple GA areas. Heading for the one town on the island, sooner or later you’ll find the harbor, and by then, the “downtown…” area, too.

KACK town wharf

KACK Town Church

Real-life landmarks abound…adding to the joy.

aPC12 1.jpg

A few more words on the Carenado PC12.

She takes off much more easily on hard surfaces than grass. I took off from KAWO Arlington, heading for CYBL Campbell River, and as this route took us over CYVR Vancouver high altitude was a must. Getting up to FL170 in a hurry was not a problem, either.

aPC12 2

aPC12 cruz 1

Cruise is in the low-200s KIAS. Compare this with the TBM850. You’ll appreciate the smaller TBM much more. Reflective detail on the PC12 is very good, though not as in your face shiny as the DF Bell 407.

aPC12 ext det

aPC12 tail det

aPC12 ext pit vu.jpg

aPC12 int cabin

Yes, the interior is very nice, and the window shades work, too, but controlling the cockpit lighting still seems a little inadequate to me.

aPC12 window shades

aCP12 FO 6p

Below, lighting on this radio/Ap  & glare shield area is harsh.

aPC12 AP panel

However, we found one additional lighting control, as indicated, below.

aPC12 brite knob arrow

Most exterior lighting controls are on the overhead panel, but most of the panel controls are on the quadrant aft of the throttle. There are multiple rocker switches (operable) and several rotary knobs (inoperable), and then there’s this one, above, located away from all the others. This one is a rheostat that controls instrument brightness.

Below, the compass is lighted a neat cool blue.

aPC12 compass

aPC12 C 6p

The HSI, including the heading and course selector knobs, are on the same panel as the single lighting rheostat. Other HSI parameters are on that small unit, as well, though many of those knobs are color coded.

aPC12 yoke

The AP was fairly easy to set up for an instrument landing, and the Pilatus flew the approach for me this time out…with no problem…then I reopened the file at KTTF Custer Gateway to check framerates.

aPC12 TTF 1

aPC12 ttf pit 1.jpg

With HDR, AA, and Texture Quality at MAX, and World Objects set at moderate (and no shadows or reflections), the Sim was hitting the mid-20s – but occasionally a little lower.

Below, and the next few images, check out the subtle reflections on the various surfaces. This is decent PBR rendering.

aPC12 ttf HDR 2

aPC12 ttf HDR 3

aPC12 ttf HDR 4

The light spilloff on the wings, below, from the baseball park, is amazing.

aPC12 ttf HDR refl1

This file is useable at KTTF, which surprised me. This is a deep scenery file that usually does not tolerate heavy GPS-using aircraft files. I’ll need to fiddle with settings to see if I can get 30FPS. If I do, I’ll advise.

aPC12 ttf pit 1

aPC12 door ani

Below, a quick glance at the v1.4 update for the Rotate MD80. A lot of exterior physical structures remain unchanged, and many of the liveries are still available in low-res versions, but wow, do these hi-res files look good.

MD80 1

MD80 5

MD80 6

MD80 3

There have been several additions & revisions made to the panel, including to many manipulators – some that have not worked all that well in the recent past. The anti-ice rotary knob, in particular, was a real troublemaker; now that issue seems resolved.

MD80 7

MD80 pitn1

There are some changes to color attributes on the main panel, but most of the major changes are behind the scenes, with many new FMC additions noteworthy.

So, we’ll continue to work over the MD80 for a few days, and we’ll have more at KACK, as well. So far we’d rate KACK a perfect 10, and good FPS came as a surprising highlight. We can’t say that about the Rotate MD80 – yet. We opened that file in Palermo, Sicily, with the same settings used to image with the FF 752, and framerates were single digit. I don’t buy that so will be running tests the next few days to see what’s going on.

Y’all have a good night, or day, or…whatever…

Seeya later… – C

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