x+s+r // LICJ tower in SketchUP

LICJ tower hdr

Okay, this is more a joke than anything else, but after my comments about that gonzo control tower in Palermo, and not present in TDGs LICJ Palermo file, I fired up SketchUP and spent a few hours tinkering with the thing. Looked over a few images courtesy of Mr. Google and added a little artistic license here and there, baked at 350 for an hour and this is what I came up with.

LICJ tower 4

I can’t decide what the real control tower looks like. Maybe a hot fudge sundae in a tall ice-cream glass? A really fat Soyuz rocket? I like the shadow, though…

And yes, the interior is modeled.

LICJ tower 2

LICJ tower 3

Lots of air handling louvers, too. Because, well, they look cool.

LICJ Tower 5

LICJ tower 7

And modeling that ladder was a B*#+h, too.

LICJ tower ladder

Anyway, I said I would, so I did.

An updated Rotate MD80 hit the ramps yesterday, and we’ll have a look-see posted soon, along with a couple a decent freeware airport files. Oh, yes. EDDC Dresden is now at v1.1, and KSNA has a new maintenance update out, adding a hardened heliport. We’ll look at those too, next time out.

See y’all then, and thanks for dropping by. – C


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