x+s+r // freeware friday…again…

Freeware Friday hdr

This is turning out to be an unusually long and dry spell, isn’t it? With very little in the way of new payware files to look at, reviewers are left to wander the dusty byways of freeware releases, looking for the files that might be worth adding to the CS folder.

Well, once again, we’ve found some truly worthwhile releases, files you ought to consider adding. First up, let’s head to New York and check in with the folks at The Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome

NY94 hdr

From the moment you open this file, you know something special is going on. You’re greeted with spectator stands and an array of very old aircraft on display, and the atmosphere, even in Xp, looks a little festive…

NY94 1

And it feels like an airshow is about to start, too…perhaps any moment now…

NY94 2

So…before things get fired up, maybe you’ve got time to get out of your Waco and walk around for a bit? Take in a few of the many displays? This is, after all, a living museum…

NY94 3

And, because this file is exceptionally well detailed, almost payware quality everywhere you look, there’s actually a lot to see. In fact, this scenery is not at all fictitious (read about the real facility here, and here).

NY94 5

But yes, there’s a snack stand…so go get your popcorn and find a seat…’cause the show’s about to begin. But wait. Uh-oh. You’re the star of this show, so you’d better get out there on the ramp and fire up your Waco. They’re waiting for you…so…are you ready?

FYI, the airport is not at all far from New York City. As such, this could easily be added to your New England Airports network…assuming you want to grab a hundred dollar burger over in Massachusetts before heading over here…to put on your show!


PHJR hdr

Fred over at NAPS is working on USCG Coast Guard Air Station Barber’s Point, attached to PHJR Kalaeloa Airport. This is the original Honolulu International, as well as the old Barber’s Point NAS, and is located on the west side of the city. Lots of RJ service to the out islands from here, especially to Maui.


It’ll be interesting to see how far Fred takes this one. The Point currently supports C-130 fixed wing a/c, as well as Aerospatiale Dauphin SAR helos.



LEBI hdr

Speaking of helos, a group of several heliports serving hospitals in Spain released last week. Here’s the developer’s page at the Org if you’d like to check these out in more detail. We looked at a few and the pads are nicely done, some offer more detail.



GMMN hdr

GMMN Mohammed V International Airport  is a huge, sprawling affair, and this file for Xp offers Gonzo Quality everywhere you look. The airport’s night textures and lighting are very good, and, in daylight, you’ll be impressed with the amount of detail included in this file. It’s been heavily optimized, too, as observed framerates were excellent.


Even a quick glance tells you that this airport is on Europe’s southern doorstep, so to speak, and this facility will slip easily into the Iberian regional route network we’ve developed, and I can see starting here and hitting Valencia, Barcelona, and then Marseilles/Nice, making for a nice few hours of flying.


There is a “city file” included here, so some prominent landmark structures are included. Below, headed from GMMN into the city.

Casablanca 00

Below, in the outer suburbs, then, landing at a local business “techno-center.”

Casablanca 0

Casablanca 3

Approaching the harbor area you’ll find lighthouses (lighted, too), and a large port complex – after passing this football stadium.

Casablanca 1

Casablanca 2

Keep in mind GMMN is a large international airport serving a storied, vibrant city, and not a little RJ field in the desert. We were, however, unable to locate Rick and Ilsa and a foggy hanger on a night not so long ago…Maybe you could play it again, Sam?


Ah, well, I digress…

Currently, most major European carriers serve GMMN, and though BA and US carriers are absent, Air Canada is here, while Royal Air Maroc handles the KJFK route. Air France, Iberia, TAP, and Lufthansa provide nonstop service to Paris/CDG, Madrid, Lisbon, and Frankfurt.




Many of the buildings I’ve looked at here are custom, though there are some scenery library elements here as well.

GMMN 6.1

And there appears to be some PBR materials added on taxiway surfaces?


But, again, when you explore this one in daylight you’ll be surprised at how well detailed, and BIG, this airport is. Consequently, air cargo OPS are well represented here, too.

GMMN 8.jpg

Runways and taxiways are very nicely done, and surface lighting is perfect.


Cargo, trucking, tank farms, roadways…all appear custom; I have Alpilot’s mesh v4 under here so I’m not sure if that’s showing or if there’s another ortho seen here (my v4 mesh file is near the end of my CS ini file)…but it sure looks good from a thousand feet up.GMMN 9.1

We’d rate this very good as a payware file, so, obviously, it’s a must-have freeware file. This airport ties in nicely with operations all around the Mediterranean, as well as African destinations, too.


TAPH hdr

Perhaps this airport still exists, but really…who knows? It’s hard to say, isn’t it?

After Hurricanes Irma and Jose ripped across Barbuda there wasn’t much left of the island, and all inhabitant were evacuated after Irma – and before Jose hit, leaving the island uninhabited for the first time in 300+ years. Rebuilding will take years, not to mention money the island just doesn’t have and, as the island’s economy is dependent on tourism, the people who lived here have been left in something like Limbo.

TAPH 1.jpg

There have been a couple of files for this airport over the years, notably Cami de Bellis’ file (link here), but skycycle released this file recently, and you might want to take a look – at what was, as this was a small airport serving what has turned out to be a forgotten part of the world. Maybe the island’s life will return, but with hurricanes becoming both more frequent in this region, and more powerful, this island’s future may indeed be very bleak indeed.


Anyway, don’t like ending on a low-note but that’s life, isn’t it? So, how about some new paint for Jack’s 732 – and all at the Org.

732 paints

Have a good time flying out there this weekend, and we’ll see you next time. Hopefully soon, too…when an updated LES Saab 340 releases…???!!!??? Please, Cameron?


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