Heron’s Nest XP11

Heron Island main

On Heron Island, Maine, off the coast a mile or so from Boothbay Harbor and Little Squirrel Island, there is a little rocky outcropping jutting up from the icy waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. It is an island now, and a thick pine forest graces her fingers. If you’re lucky, one day you’ll find a little tail-dragger, perhaps, and head out to your home away from home. Maybe you’ll build yourself a little DownEast style cottage out there, and in time build a dock, maybe a hanger for your Piper and another for a small float-plane. In a few years, you might have built yourself quite a retreat, and it might very well look something like this island.

In fact, you might call your place The Heron’s Nest, and you head out that way any chance you get…

Heron 0.1Even during the stormiest weather, perhaps even in early December, when the Nor’easters come calling.

Because there are a million memories wrapped up on this island, aren’t there? Walks through trees, hand in hand, to the  little stone perch overlooking the Atlantic where you used to sit. Coffee in hand, you smell pine in the air, listen to the music of gulls and sea lions. There’s smoke lingering in the air from your morning fire, too. She always made you make the fire first thing…

So many memories. They draw you back, pull you in. And you can’t deny them, so you always go back to the Nest. Your Nest – her Nest.

Heron 1.1

Even in the nastiest weather…when a winter’s gale tells you not to try…

Heron 1

Yet, there are times when memory’s call is so vast, and from so far away, that you can hardly concentrate…but not this afternoon. It’s too cold out, a blustery late-autumn storm, white-caps on the water…and now is not the time to be swept away…

Heron 2

So you’re on the flaps hard, holding her just above stall, letting her float…home…

Heron 4

Just clear the markers, get ready to hit the brakes…but not too hard…

Heron 5

…’cause you can let the hill slow you down, and that nice headwind will help, too…

Heron 6

…and after the dust settles you can turn around and taxi back up the hill, get your groceries in before the worst of the storm hits…maybe put on a pot of chili, make another fire…

Heron 7

Because tomorrow is another day…because all storms pass…and the next project beckons. Always.

Heron 8

Always something to fix. Today, this morning, the water tank. Maybe clear some brush from around the wind generator this afternoon…

Heron 9

Or just take a long walk before it’s time to pre-flight the old girl…

Heron 10

…or we’ll walk out to the rock before we leave. To where we said goodbye, where she rests now…

Heron 11.1

Then yes, it will be time to say goodbye again.

Heron 11

…but it’s funny, almost odd…each time we leave we never look back, do we? We always look ahead, forward, to the next time…

Heron end

…we hear her voice, and memory calls. –A


The Heron’s Nest is a freeware file, a gift to the XP community. You can go look for your memories here: https://iblueyonder.com


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