x+s+r // ENSH Svolvaer Xp // first look

ensh main hdr

Released earlier this week, this one seems to have slipped under many people’s radar. I’ve seen no product announcements, either, and that’s a shame. This may be the smallest payware airport ever marketed in XP, and perhaps because this airport is located at the very end of the road (we used to call such places “the ass-end of nowhere”), but it’s also about as pretty a spot as I’ve ever seen in XP. I spent about an hour looking around here and felt kind of sad I was closing down for the night…like I wanted to stay here and poke around some more.

Yes. It’s that kind of file. This is a special one, folks, and AeroSOFT took a risk publishing it for XP. I hope the community rewards that risk, and I hope you’ll take a long look at it, because there’s a lot more going on here than meets the eye – at first glance, anyway.

So, yes, let’s get the lighting all dark and moody. It looks like that kind of place, doesn’t it?

ensh 10

Nice, short runway…just a few buildings here and there…

ensh 1

ensh 1.2

Rocky fjords in every direction, rocky beaches, too, and you’re in arctic climes now, so you better dress warm…

ensh 4

Yet, just a few ramshackle airport buildings are all I see…

ensh 5

…and with the engine off and cooling now, you can hear the water lapping the rocky shore, a gull’s cries on the breeze…

ensh 7

…and there doesn’t seem to be anyone about, too. Odd, don’t you think…? No place even to grab a quick cup of coffee?

ensh 8

Well, not so fast…looks like you’ve been jumping to conclusions again…

ensh 9

So let’s take a look around…see what we’ve missed so far…maybe we’ll see more when the sun burns off some of these clouds…?

ensh 1.1

Ah, that’s better. Still,  looks kinda desolate, doesn’t it?

ensh 2.1

Maybe we ought to hop in the Kodiak and take a look around?

ensh 2.2

Oops, looks like a town over there. Better check it out…

ensh 2.3

A nice road at the base of these cliffs…

ensh 2.4

And yup, that’s a town down there, alright …

ensh 2.5

And wouldn’t you know it…custom models on a hi-res mesh…?

ensh 2.6

And set right in the middle of all these fjords…?

ensh 2.10

Time to head back to the bathroom…er…the airport…

ensh 2.11

My, this Kodiak sure stops fast!

emsh 2.11

Looks like we missed the airline terminal last time, too…maybe we missed it in the dark and moody light???

ensh 2.13


ensh 2.14

Not to mention a ticket counter, baggage check-in…and…more bathrooms!

ensh 2.15

This place is kinda neat! Think we’ll hang around for a while, maybe check it out some more…all those fjords to explore…?

ensh real town

Looks kind of interesting, no? And – you want a challenge?

ensh real airport

So, what do you think? You up for it?

You can get the file at AeroSOFT’s web site right now, by the way, and I think the competition for the best small airport in X-plane is starting to heat up.

Adios, y’all, and thanks for dropping by. We’ll see you down in Bergen, and real soon, too.


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