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x+s+r // chile

So, a Happy New Year to you! Hope your headaches are brief and all your resolutions are fun to accomplish. So, sometime back in November I noticed a scenery file that, well, it called out to me. Scenery files do … Continue reading

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x+s+r // new year’s weekend

It’s that time again. Take out the old and bring in the new – with a glass of bubbly whatever around the fire, maybe a pot of cheese fondue on the table. Or…why not open Xp and flutter your way … Continue reading

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x+s+r // FHSH St Helena

Here we have another one of those “special” files, folks, a very new, very specialized file from Rim & Co., who also developed the Ayer’s Rock/Connellan file. The current file is – almost – all about the underlying orthos – … Continue reading

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x+s+r // KAWO Arlington Municipal

If you’re looking for a first-rate training airport for daylight use, look no further. Of course, there’s a problem with this statement. Maybe not a problem, but certainly an issue or two you need to be aware of. If you … Continue reading

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x+s+r // EDDC Dresden

Let’s get this out of the way right up front…JustSIM makes some of the very best payware scenery files in X-plane, and this is one of their best. And that just about sums up this review, but read on, dear … Continue reading

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“Gee, Skip…did you feel something on final?” “Uh, well, don’t ask.” // Happy Christmas, and a Merry New Year…or…is it the other way around? Oh well, may all your landings be smooth…

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x+s+r // ksna // E-170

It’s been a long time comin’… There’ve been a few KSNAs in X-plane over the years, none very good, though we have had one FsX conversion that showed up once that wasn’t exactly bad. Well, that state of affairs is … Continue reading

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