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Deddf main hdr

Picked up the news yesterday from Ollie over at FlightDeskX that AeroSOFT had just released EDDF Frankfurt, and it’s now available at the Org. So, we wanted to get up some first impressions, and a few screenshots too, as soon as possible. We’ve always referred to these short posts as “First Looks” – as we won’t go into extreme detail just yet, and we’ve only tried a couple of aircraft files out here, too.

That said, after spending an hour or so at EDDF, these are our first impressions.

eddf 8.jpg

First up, settings. This is a huge airport so we were anticipating a huge performance hit. First framerate killer is usually World Objects, so down it goes. Number two on our hit list? Reflection detail and shadows…turn those off! Keep HDR at Max to look at lighting effects, texture quality in the mid-range, for the first time out, ditto with AA. We’ll slide those up next time out, and then ease up World Objects.

eddf settings

Opening up here in the heart of the action, let’s just say framerates are much BETTER than expected. Like 25FPS in the default 738, and our FIRST first impression is…?

eddf 1

XP11s ground traffic scheme provides a riot of visual chaos. There are fuel trucks and baggage trains and galley service trucks and on and on and on…an endless profusion of trucks running around everywhere. Oh, in the image of the default 738 below, there’s a new panel mod added, and you can find that file here. It adds differentiated panel colors and generally looks, to me, anyway, a little more like the IXEG 733’s color scheme.

eddf 2 panel mod

With HDR active (and at MAX), ramp lighting everywhere seems excellent, though the lighting used lacks the usual starburst effect.


Outlying RJ ramps are full of activity, too, as well as a lot of ground clutter. Excellent!


Markings on taxiways and parking areas seem well done, but more on that in our next, more detailed review.

eddf 5

In the image below, showing about one half of the overall terminal area, I counted over fifty ground vehicles racing around…now that’s more like it!

eddf 6

The old Frankfurt Rhein-Main AFB has been razed; in its place, a large air cargo facility is being constructed. Yes, it’s gone, sad to see, too, with potent adversaries on the march once again. Much of the area within this file reflects an “under construction” status, too.

And that’s the main terminal across the runway in the image below.

eddf 7

Curious download. Two folders, with nested folders inside both, one contains the three main airport files while the other contains all the necessary files for operating with World Traffic v3 – so don’t stick those files in your Custom Scenery folder!

Anyway, we’re off to Frankfurt again, Seeya in a while…with more. – C

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