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xsr brisbane

A couple of new freeware airports to go over today, and a few paints too, then an important announcement concerning the future of this blog will round out the day. That said, let’s get the coffee going – and on down to the nitty-gritty.


YBBN hdr

After doing this blog for more than ten years I do believe this new version of YBBN Brisbane International represents something of a first. The real airport is undergoing a series of additions and renovations…sp, something more than a simple little re-do…and the developers of this scenery file kind of jumped all over the proposed work and got to work. They did so not by guessing what might be unwrapped in 2020 – when work is complete – but by contacting the developers of the airport. The real airport, in case that slipped by. Read this from the release notes to really wrap your head around what all this implies…

“Brisbane Airport is undergoing a lot of change, and the main project is due for completion in 2020….the new parallel 01L/19R runway with associated taxiway support system. Thanks to cooperation from personnel deeply involved in designing the procedures for the new airspace, we were given access to the data required to present the airport in X-Plane. Our airport has also been used to validate future procedures and airspace, as it is accurate within the data provided. Every gate and ramp position has AutoGate, every position available for departure. Unfortunately at the time of writing we are not allowed to provide a file to enable users to fly ILS approaches to runway 01L/19R, but as soon as we get the go-ahead we will make the file available, before it is released on AIRAC. In the meantime, please enjoy a vision of what the airport will look like in just over a year from now, including the Sir Leo Hielscher Bridges.”

Okay, got that? An airport being developed for X-plane is being used by – I would assume – authorities in Australia to validate proof of concept operational data for airport airspace modifications for additions that are not quite operational yet? Is this another feather in Laminar’s cap? Have other airports undergoing expansion so used a flight simulator to work out the kinks in an evolving plan to develop and implement ATC and other NAV procedures at a new or revised airport?

In other words, if you fly for Qantas or Nauru or any of a dozen of so other airlines that use this airport in the real world…you could – theoretically – start using this file to practice potential procedures – today – and then provide feedback to engineers…again, for real world operations that haven’t even begun yet.

And, again, you have to let this sink in a bit, but for a consumer level flight sim to offer this potential is, simply put, kind of a big deal…and yet…as the real airport develops I’d assume this airport file will develop too. As we’ll see in the images below, this file has a few rough edges but is already more than useable. In some areas this file is really quite good as-is, so let’s take a look:


First things first, these images were made with v11.30b5 (just) installed – AND with all other ground texture files wiped from my install. In other words, these should look like very basic ground textures, not those enhanced by FJS or MrX, and while not as good looking they’re more than likely what most ‘less-experienced’ users will encounter.

Also note that most of the objects in the file are custom, but that several scenery library files are also required. These include (currently) the following: Autogate; MisterX Library; OpensceneryX; CDB Library; Fruitstand Aircraft; and Static_GA_Australia. This last was a new one for me and requires multiple steps to get (try the link just above, or this link to get the process underway), and all images for this post were made without these static acf present.

The terminal buildings look well executed but you won’t find many LIT textures or evidence of lighting inside these buildings…yet. Same with the control tower and most of the hangers. The light rail station is modeled and there is some lighting in place along the platforms, but the rail cars aren’t there…yet. The multi-level parking garages are lighted, but there are no cars within…yet.


There are new RJ ramps (lighted, too) but a minimal level of ground clutter (aka ground support vehicles), but of utmost concern is a confusing jumble of lighting and ortho textures in and around the terminal/hotel area, as well as across the field around the commercial hangers. The results are a little too chaotic.

In the set below, this area was imaged from the same vantage point; the only difference is time of day:

YBBN 3 ortho

Many areas are simply not lighted yet, and some hangers and warehouses are modeled while an adjacent structure is rendered by the ortho. Same with a few car parks around these outlying buildings…some cars are objects while others are ortho renders. That said, the large ortho used for the airport grounds around and beyond the runways is of extremely good quality, and many of these rendered features look quite good down to about 6-800 feet AGL. Of course, in its current state more than half of the facility is an unlighted black hole; even nearby streets and roadways are dark – which could mean exclusion zone issues or simply more unfinished work. The key takeaway? This is a WIP file so judge it accordingly, and please note this…from an email we received from the developer after our original post:

One important thing to mention….you are using XP11.30B5 (same as me)….it has a well known bug where it dims to ZERO certain lights or lit textures…hence part of our airport is nothing but a “black hole” as you put it….BUT, the lights are actually there….if you run any other version of XP11 you will have a well lit airport, trust me, more lights than you care to look at….
LR are aware of the issue (I nearly had a heart attack when I looked at it at night and most lights for runways, buildings and taxiways had disappeared) and a fix has been implemented in B6….which they will hopefully release in the next week or so.
The ground clutter is done on purpose…we used Blender and some of our objects take a big hit on frames so we kept it to what we thought was a good minimum…we might add more later.
Next version of YBBN will have the completed train network, the car ramps to International terminal and a few other things, but the “air side” is pretty much finished.

So, those concerns are accounted for!

Brisbane is the de facto gateway to Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef region, and there’s a surprising assortment of airlines serving the region through YBBN. Air Canada hits CYVR Vancouver while Qantas and Virgin Oz hit LAX. There are also carriers serving China, Japan, Singapore and points all over Oceania (see the current list here). Aside from all the usual suspects hauling freight, Nauru Airlines flies passengers as well as inter-island cargo from Brisbane (see below) out to the islands.

Overall, about all that can legitimately be said of the file at this point is that it offers tremendous potential. As mentioned, it IS more than useable at this point and we recommend you give it a try.

The YBBN file is right here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48557-brisbane-international-ybbn-2020-by-cdg/

Nauru Airlines paints are available for the FJS 732 (seen above), as well as for the IXEG 733 and the default 738. Nauru Airlines fleet is currently 3 733s and 1 733F, and note the IXEG paint file includes a freighter variant. The 738 paint file may be accessed via Cami de Bellis’ scenery file for ANYN Nauru International (see below). The following images are from that excellent airport file.

Nauru 737s

Cami de Bellis’ ANYN Nauru was released two years ago so lacks a few features needed for full HDR effects; that said, this is a characteristically wondrous airport file you should have on hand.


Note the last image just above: in the square highlighted area is a single-light VASI and showing green. If above slope you’ll get a white light, and if below – red. There is a roadway right under the threshold – so beware of trucks!

Paint for the FJS 732: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/45704-air-nauru-c2-rn8/

Paint for the IXEG 733/733F: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48492-nauru-airlines-ixeg-737-300/

Cami’s ANYN and Nauru Airlines paint for the default 738 (Xp11): https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/35481-anyn-nauru-international-airport/


LICB hdr

LICB Comiso is located near the southern tip of Sicily and has, as a result of this strategic location, played a significant role in WWII and Cold War I. Axis powers used the facility to support North African operations prior to the invasion of Sicily in 1943, and the USAAF stationed C47s and B25s at the field for the duration of the war. In 1981, the USAF decided to base a large number of GLCMs (Ground Launched Cruise Missiles) at the facility – and did so until those weapons were withdrawn under treaty obligations with the Soviet Union. Once those forces were withdrawn the facility fell into disrepair, but during the Kosovo campaign of the late-90s the former base served to house 5000+ refugees.

The airport underwent major renovations in the late-2000s and opened for commercial operations again in 2013. Ryanair is the biggest operator here, but Air Malta, Brussels, Alitalia, Thomas Cook and Transavia all currently work from here (see the list of destinations here). No air cargo ops currently listed; and the airport is covered by major charting services.

LICB chart 1

Yet…how many charts of this type have you worked with?

LICB chart 2

The terminal building is a complex little bugger, as is the control tower, yet the developer opted against using scenery library objects and made the terminal in Blender (kudos!), so what you end up with in this file is actually a very close modeling of the real airport.

LICB real

There ARE scenery library objects used elsewhere, but the airport is modeled carefully. HDR compliant lighting and surfaces abound, ramps and car parks are nicely modeled as well.

LICB 1.png

This is a 10/10 Must Have addition to any route network that spans the Mediterranean, for any Ryanair freaks left out there, or for those wanting to fly the Sicily-Rome corridor. Very nice work indeed.

Link here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48619-licb-comiso-pio-la-torre/



The Fly-J-Sim 732 is a monstrously good file, and wearing the Olympic rings at Chios suits her well. The idea of a Boeing named Dionysus ought to make anyone smile, too.


You’ll find this paint here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48618-olympic-airlines-sx-bce-flyjsim-737-200-v3/

And for Goran’s Saab 340, a ticket to paradise…or on Air Tahiti, which amounts to pretty much the same thing.


You’ll find it here, too: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48614-les-saab-340a-air-tahiti/


post scriptum

I came back to this blog a year ago after taking a few years off to do some sailing, and did so knowing that I would only have a limited window to work on such things. I was counting on several months yet I ended up with more than a year which, in my book, is a pretty good deal. Yet the simple fact of the matter is this…I am running out of steam. I may indeed post one or two more times over the coming week or so, but I’m not counting on it. Time is too precious now.

Yet this blog represents – to me – something more than precious. I made new friends here, and Simon became one of my best friends ever. He came over and went sailing with me for a few months, visited us at our home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and made a game effort to learn to slide funky looking boards on frozen white stuff. He got a taste of astronomy and astrophotography under the dome of my observatory and hasn’t stopped learning yet; he is in fact fast becoming one of the most accomplished amateur astrophotographers out there. He has just embarked on yet another new venture, and I will miss not seeing success come his way yet again.

So many others passed our way. Stephen Dutton joined our ranks and helped out when we needed it most. Goran Matovina’s was a shoulder I leaned on too often, and his is a dear soul. Tom Kyler too was a source of inspiration, as was Dan Klaue, and I’m sorry to say but we knew who Fake Austin was (yet I’m carrying that secret to the grave).

To all of you who dropped by Chaos Manor over the years, who read along and offered words of encouragement: Thank You. Sincerely.

The way ahead for x+sim+reviews is unknown. I have asked another friend, Pete Tram over at Threshold, to take this horse by the reins and make of it what he will. I would like to think he meets with even more success, and I would also hope he and his team are as lucky in friendship as I have been here.

Adios y’all…and Happy Trails – Chip

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x+s+r // RJOM

xsr rj paint

So, Happy Thanksgiving! This is the day we American’s give thanks for the many blessings bestowed upon our little corner of the universe. Things like over-cooked turkey and time for X-plane, and…oh yes, freedom. The freedom to not have to use Ms FsX or P3D. The blessings of Flomax and low-cost, efficacious hemorrhoidal ointments, and more Starbucks Coffee shops than there are stars in the heavens.

The new Denver International is out there too, but I haven’t decided on getting it or not. Denver is such a bleak city and that dismal airport sits on a barren, windswept plateau loaded with lots of prairie-dog do-do; in short, the area is ugly, the weather atrocious, and cruddy shoes are the norm. And the wind out there is a bitch. From mid-morning through late-evening the winds howl with a ferocity you have to experience to truly appreciate. It’s bad enough in winter (when snow gets added to the fun) but truly frightening in summer, when massive anvil-headed t-storms and tornadoes usually make their typical late afternoon appearance. Interstate Highway 25 runs north from the New Mexican border up to Wyoming, and large 18-wheelers routinely get toppled by the winds all year round. Maybe it’s the proximity of the Rocky Mountains, with the east-setting jet streams adding their punch to the mix, but there’s hardly any place windier in the US than that arid plain just east of downtown Denver.

So, maybe I’ll get it. Until then, here’s a useful new freeware file…to get you through your post-turkey blues.


RJOM hdr

RJOM Matsuyama has a lot going for it. Located a hundred or so miles south of Hiroshima on the island of Shikoku, Matsuyama is the largest city on the island and home to numerous shrines, but also to ancient hot springs in use since medieval times. Haiku poetry is celebrated here, as well.

The airport is linked to all major Japanese markets, including Sapporo, as well as Shanghai and Korea. ANA and Japan Airlines are the big players here, so you’ll be able to use anything from 767s to turboprops.

RJOM real 1

In Google Earth, you’ll find several industrial-looking towers, perhaps oil cracking towers, adjacent to many parts of the airport. While these aren’t modeled, you’ll find that the rest of the airport is quite accurately presented. In short, no Lego-brick terminals here…just lots of custom objects. This is NOT your average freeware file, folks. This one is really quite good.

RJOM real 2

Even the control tower is quite accurately modeled. Glass elements are less successful, however. Below, images from the file:

rjom 1

When you look at scenery files all day certain things begin to stick out…things like entry areas and surrounding details. Sidewalks, curbs, fencing, pedestrian lighting, foliage, all things many developers consider as secondary to their efforts. That’s a problem, because these elements are vital to the overall success of a file, and planning for them allows the developer to position these things for greatest impact. The only thing missing around this terminal is foliage near the passenger entry areas.


This airport works quite well in X-plane 11.30b5; taxiways are simple and nicely marked, the ILS works as advertised, and the surrounding mountains are quite lovely. This file is well executed and really quite close to payware quality, and if collecting airports in Japan this is a Must Have file.

Link here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/28159-rjom-matsuyama-airport/


Well, the holiday shopping season is upon us. We should start to see lots of new files for Xp releasing over the next month or so. Happy days! We’ll see you soon – C

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x+s+r // LFST + SGES

A couple of noteworthy airports to look over today; the first is a new file from xpfr – and it’s been worth the wait. Next up, a smaller airport in Paraguay; it’s not complete and so not particularly impressive at this point in time, but it is an out of the way airport you just might want on hand. And last, a very interesting paint for the FF A320… Ready on the coffee?


LFST hdr

Located in northeast France and in the Alsace region, xpfr’s LFST is, along with LFSB Basel, a pair of outstanding airport files – and both located in a part of France usually neglected by payware developers. LFST also has another strike going against it – the terminal is a complex structure covered with unusual materials, and the attached control tower is an equally unique design. Both appear more than somewhat difficult to model accurately, and that keeps payware developers away too.

Let’s look at these two buildings, first at the real facility then in xpfr’s file.


The main terminal is hard to classify: part nordic ski lodge and part siege bunker, the deep dormers and skylights, along with the enormous number of angled roof elements is a scenery designer’s nightmare. The control tower, with its gently radiused arcs, is equally difficult, especially with all those angled, inset windows – and glassed-in stairways.

LFST real 2

First things first – starting below…you just know things are on the right track when the developer models the airport railway station. Maybe see a static train here and a few people on the platform…but no big deal. Next up, that crazy terminal building. Maybe there are traces of Mayan influence in the design, or perhaps even lingering elements of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Los Angeles Usonian designs…whatever it is this is a wild one. The only detracting elements? Parking lots and lighting. Some confusing transitions between ortho lots and custom made lots, and no HDR effects on the building’s exterior.

LFST term 1

As mentioned, a big drawback re: the terminal is the lack of HDR lighting effects. There are no lights on it at all, yet it remains at the same state of illumination regardless. If there are lighted windows at night it’s hard to tell.

And now, the GC tower: the real design is complex and this is a close approximation, sans the little arcs, otherwise quite close to the real. The stairways are another matter. Still, a good effort and it looks great from the ramps.

LFST tower

Take note: Runway 23 is Cat 3b and there are good charts from the usual vendors; good thing, as there’s a lot of fog in the area.

LFST chart

The facility is a little larger than expected when seen from the pattern (or if starting down on the ramps), and taxiing out to the active is simplicity itself. The ILS on 23 works well.


Ramps are a riot of painted markings and there are people milling about, as well as a good amount of ground clutter.


Lighting is fair to good and there are about three billion flags waving about…all in all, immersive, detailed, and I think you’ll like the terminal. Nothing like it in X-plane, and with Basel and this file onboard you’ll be set to add the Alsace region to your network.

Get the file here: http://www.xpfr.org/?body=scene_accueil&sc=249


SGES hdr

Paraguay is one of two land-locked countries in South America and so has no coastal plains, as such Paraguay is unique as her airports are all relatively far from the sea. SGES Guarani is even more interesting, being named for the indigenous people of the area, the Guarani. If the name stumps you perhaps it’s time to go back and watch a film called The Mission, which was about the interactions of Spanish noblemen and the Jesuits, and also the Guarani people caught in the middle.

Guar real

Above, the real terminal, and the file’s terminal does not look like this at all. Below, the airport is covered by major charting services.

SGES chart

Currently, there is little activity at the airport, with a reorganizing Paraguayan airline trying to get off the ground. As such, there’s one good reason to keep this one around: it’s located about halfway between Santiago, Chile and Rio, so it’ll make a nice place to break up a flight between those two cities.


Get the file here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48484-paraguay-aeropuerto-internacional-guarani/


320 CSKA

Here’s a great paint for the FF A320; the file was up all day and pulled this evening. If the link comes back up I’ll post it.

That’s all for now. Seeya next time – C

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x+s+r // …and even more paints!

xsr eham

It feels kind of odd…such a long period with so few new scenery files released – either freeware or otherwise. Indeed, it feels as if freeware files are simply drying up altogether…at least new files coming from long established developers. But – maybe that’s a good thing, assuming payware devs are about to release a bunch of new files for the holidays

Payware heavy metal? The market for rumors runs high, with various 747s still in the works and Fly-J-Sim allegedly working on a major upgrade to the Dash-8 Q400. The SSG CRJ-700…? It could be months before we hear more or it could release next week, because the business model for such things thrives on secrecy.

On the scenery front, we’ve still got aeroSoft’s two biggies on the near horizon – Genoa and Geneva – as well as Short Final’s EDDM München, but I’d like to make a request…no, a plea…that aeroSoft fully update EHAM Amsterdam. As you’ll see below, this early v10 airport is simply crying out for the full PBM/HDR treatment, and with some further mods to night textures and additions to the surrounding area, this file could once again be the class of X-plane.

Anyway, here we go again…off on another tangent!


So, up first today: one of the most famous airliners in U.S. aviation history.

The Spirit of Delta story begins in 1982 when three Delta flight attendants began a fundraising effort to raise 30 million buckeroos – so that employees could buy the airline a brand new 767; the effort was called Project 767 and it was an all-volunteer effort. Astonishingly, the project succeeded – quicker than expected, too – and not long after the new aircraft showed up in Atlanta. After a brief ceremony, N102DA flew off to Tampa and into revenue service, and she continued to do so for the next 24 years. After a brief farewell tour in 2006, N102DA retired to Delta’s Flight Museum, and you can visit her in Atlanta any time you like…or you might just watch this video instead:

Anyway, fscabral brings N102DA to X-plane in a new paint for the new FF 767-200ER. This version is for the original 1982 paint-scheme, and though the aircraft wore many paints commemorating special events during her time in the skies, she was repainted in this version one last time before moving to the museum. fscabral’s paint captures all the details you’d expect, and she’s imaged at Short Final’s KLAX.

Also at LAX, the default MD-80 wearing her last pre-merger AirCal paint.

DL762 Spirit

Spirit of Delta here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48451-the-spirit-of-delta-767-200er-for-flight-factor´s-767-professional-extended/

AirCal MD-80 here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48448-aircal-xp11-md-80/

Next up, a 1990s Finnair paint for the Rotate MD-80, seen at Helsinki, a Baboo Dash-8 Q400 at Lugano, and Fly-J-Sim’s 732 at KABQ wearing three different Continental paints. The first is the newest version, and the third is an older version of the same livery…the primary difference being the size if the font used to spell out Continental. I think the older paint is more accurate, but that could just be me. The Baboo paint is a rare one in X-plane, and the carrier had an extensive route network both in the Alps and around the immediate region, so you might consider this one a Must Have. Of course, the Finnair paint is pure class. The Continental paints imaged at the Short Final KABQ, our pick for Scenery File of the Year last year.

P rotate finn

Finnair 90s: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/39478-rotate-md-80-finnair-90s-livery/

Baboo Dash-8: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48449-fsj-dash-q400-baboo-airlines/

732 newest gold tail: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48450-continental-old-n7310f-for-732-twinjet-v3-pro-by-flyjsim/

732 last Continental: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/29091-continental-boeing-737-200-twinjet-fjs/

732 old v1.1 gold tail: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/23190-continental-red-meatball-for-flyjsim-737-200/

Now, another rarity, for the Finnish carrier Blue 1. This paint for the Avroliner Project’s RJ-85, and we’ll end today with a few more odds and ends for the FF 767 series after this.


Get the payware Avroliner Project RJ85 here: https://avroliner.com

And the Blue1 paint here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48455-airliner-project-rj85-blue1-oh-saj/

And last…for the FF 767 Extended series, a Martinair package with all three variants packaged in one folder, this imaged at EHAM; a revised SAS Star Alliance, then UTAir and fscabral’s reworked cockpit textures.

762 eham

These new cockpit textures are weathered, a little brighter, and a little less green at night. Worth experimenting on further.

The Martinair package: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48481-martinair-full-livery-pack-for-flight-factor-boeing-767-professional-extended/

The SAS Star Alliance: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/36788-flightfactor-767-300er-sas-oy-kdh-old-star-alliance-livery/

UTAir: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48462-flightfactor-boeing-767-200er-utair/

fscabral’s cockpit textures: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48474-new-cockpit-textures-for-767-professional-extended-from-flight-factor/

Really…can you imagine a brand new 767 for only 30 million buckeroos? What are they running now? 300 million? Jeez-Louise!

Hasta later! – C

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x+s+r // paint, paint, and more paint

xsr 762 andes.png

With the Flight Factor 767 Extended series now out for a week, the list of new paints continues to grow at an impressive clip. We’ve mentioned before that the success of almost any given aircraft file can be indirectly measured by the number of new paints that come out for it; just look at the Toliss A319 or the Flight Factor A320 or, for that matter, the default 737 and its Zibo spin-off…so if shopping for a new aircraft file and curious about public reception…?

Yet that simplified equation overlooks a few exceptions to the rule. Take the LES Saab 340, as good a file as there is in Xp yet with comparatively very few 3rd party paints. Why? Well, how about comparatively few real world operators compared to 737 and Airbus operators… That makes sense, doesn’t it? And by any other measure, the 340 has been a successful release.

I’m not sure how many paints were available for the 767-300ER a few weeks ago, but it was more than a few – and these appear to work with the upgraded files in the Extended package, so perhaps we’ve seen only the tip of the proverbial iceberg so far. Still, more than a dozen new paints for the Extended package this week points to a healthy release, and I’d like to single out fscabral for his exceptional VARIG paints. Truly grand work!

If you haven’t tried the -67 yet, maybe waiting to hear more customer reaction, perhaps these paints will sway you. I can add that I’ve been using this file all week long and I love it. Its stable, the cockpit looks great and, as I’ve tried to convey in images here this week, the aircraft simply looks stunning – whether sitting on the ramp or climbing through clouds. She’s a blast to fly and worth every pfennig.

That said, we’ll look at a bunch of new paints today, but not just for the new 767 series. There’ve been a few notable new paints for the default 737, the Dash 8 Q400, and even the SSG 748, so lets take a look.



US Airways 762: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48425-us-airways-n645us-for-flightfactor-767-200/

Transaero 762: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48412-flightfactor-boeing-767-200er-transaero/

P 763

Air China 763: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48427-air-china-ff-b767-300er-200er-gepw-extended/

Thomas Cook/ Condor Blue: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48415-condor-ff-b767-300er-pw-extended-blue/

And now, the freighter…with some exceptional efforts in this bunch…

767 f

If you haven’t caught the particle animations during reverse thrust…?! Wow!

763F Amazon One: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48437-ff-767-freighter-amazon-one-livery/

763F FedEx Express: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48340-fedex-livery-for-flight-factor-767-extended-freighter/

763F KLM Cargo: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48421-klm-cargo-ph-bzg-for-ff-767-300f/

Now, some new paint for the default 737-800:


738 Air Italy: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/45489-air-italy-new-boeing-737-800-default-xp11/

738 Transavia Peter Pan: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/41075-transavia-peter-pan-boeing-737-800-default-xp11/

738 Norwegian Freddie Mercury: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/41535-norwegian-boeing-737-800-default-xp11/

738 Fly Dubai: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48431-flydubai-boeing-737-800-default-xp11/


DH Dash-8 Q400 Croatia: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48433-fsj-dash-q400-croatia-airline-9a-cqe/

SSG 748i Swissair’s last paint: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48181-ssg-747-8i-swissair-final-livery/

SSG South African: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/27550-ssg-747-8i-saa-zs-sav/

And one last paint for the new 762, for the “New Varig” post-merger scheme:


So, that should convince you…the 767 series appears to be on track for a great reception…and our community of painters is as creative as ever, so get these new paints onboard, and maybe get flyin’…

And we’ll see you next time, so Happy Trails – C

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x+s+r // 11.30b4 + RJTH/RJTO

XSR varig 762 snow

Things are really getting interesting in Particle Land…aka Laminar’s new implementation of Vulkan…as all kinds of refinements to almost anything particulate are now coming into the sim. Yup, tip vortices were the first, most obvious manifestation, and yes, those are interesting…but look over the images we’ve got today, because other interesting effects are popping up in the most unexpected places.

No, not just the clouds, but the ambient color of the clouds…as reflected on the pavement! That’s the amber color below, but as far as I can tell the pinkish color may well be coming from the lights on the catering vans. Either way, it’s a pretty spectacular effect. That’s also a spectacular new Varig livery by fscabral for the 767-200 ER.

762 cloud reflection color

And if you’ve been flying in low-level cumulus clouds in Xp over the years, you may have been vexed by the inability to render various layers of cloud – other than as one amorphous glob of cloud that seemed to follow your aircraft all the way up to cruise. For instance, setting a single layer of broken cumulus with tops at 10,000…only to have the clouds follow you up to FL330…or…setting multiple levels of cumulus between GL and cruise and, you guessed it, flying through one continuous layer.

Well…those days are gone…

762 contrails

And clouds that sort of leaned up against mountains? Uh, well, note the subtle blending of clouds up against mountains in the images below…

762 clouds

Even ground level cloud formations are rendered distinctly from another level just a few thousand feet above, and the color range seen in these formations is much more subtle than before. No neon apricot clouds at dawn now…but that’s a dramatic sky lingering over UUWW – and down on the ground, too.

762 ground layer clouds

And how about fog? Foggy conditions have almost always been a joke, with the airport still visible through the murk cheerfully guiding you down. Uh, oops…hope you weren’t counting on that anymore…’cause those days are gone now, too. In the second image below, the airport is immediately behind the 737, and you’re looking at a 700 ft thick layer of overcast/fog with an RVR of less than a thousand feet (300m), with another layer of goop at 3500AGL. This seems like a really major change…because now if you set Cat III conditions you’d better know what you’re about.


So, there’s a lot going on with these new features, and if you want to sit down with a tall cup of java and read about all the various parameters of the particulate system, boy…do I have a link for you. Try this tutorial from Laminar’s site: https://developer.x-plane.com/article/x-plane-11-particle-system/

And read the release notes to beta 4, where you’ll run across all kinds of new references to an F-14. When 11.30 gets out of beta, you think we’ll see that new Tomcat? In time for Top Gun II? Kind of looks like more than a good possibility of that happening – soon.

So far the most complete implementations of the particle system appear limited to Laminar’s default aircraft, as contrails seen in most other .acf are evidence of a universal implementation. There are images of the default F4 on LRs FB page that look like the wing is covered in vapor; so far I haven’t been about to replicate that but it should be interesting to see.

Oh…Two revised airports in Japan to look at before we sign off for the day, so let’s dive in.


Unlike many of the Japanese airports available in X-plane, RJTO and RJTH make for a very pleasant GA excursion while also being perfect for RJ-737-A319/A320 pilots who want a more laid back experience in VATsim. Both of these airports are located on islands well south of the Tokyo Megaplex, with the farthest away (RJTH) located about 180nmi south. What makes this run so fun/interesting is the stepping-stone nature of the VOR routing, and that these islands are volcanic and so easily visible in the distance. They’re also in a region of the ocean where squally weather is the norm, lending an unpredictable “air” to any excursions “out there.” In other words…FUN.

NCA Do228

ANA serves RJTH with 737, 738, and A320 class aircraft, with all flights from RJTH going to Haneda. Flights from RJTO are handled by the New Central Airservice, who fly Do-228s to Chōfu Airport, a small airport on the west side of Tokyo, and Toho Airservice, who use Cessna 172s (you read that correctly) as well as AS350 flutterbugs. Whoever doubted you could use the default 172 in scheduled airline service…oh…well…go for it!

RJ charts

First word of warning about RJTH: set runway follows terrain contours to OFF or the terminal becomes a jumbled mess. I kind of wish this wasn’t so because it alters the surrounding landscape – which is otherwise really interesting.

As I’ve covered these airports before I wanted to dial up the snotty weather this time, and image these in low light and with a fog rolling in. Probably too artsy-fartsy, but here goes. I’m going for tonal range here, not gross detail…


The last night image above is with the file open and Runway Follows Terrain Contours set to ON; the entry simply disappears and the parking lot turns into a hilly mess.

ANA has served RJTO in the past, hence the static ANA 737-7 parked next to my EADT 738. There is a Toho flutterbug on the ramps and a Toho hanger that has an animated door that slides open from time to time. The file is otherwise nicely detailed in all respects, and the control tower/building is really first class work.


I’m glad the current developer is keeping these files up to date; they’ve been in Xp for years, passed along from dev to dev and modified as Xp changes. These are both Must Have files – for the reasons outlined above – so give them a try if you haven’t yet…but do yourself a favor. Go VFR, CAVU all the way. The scenery is worth it.

RJTH: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48416-japan-rjth-hachijojima/

RJTO: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48414-japan-rjto-oshima/

Hasta later, y’all. Catch you next time – C

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x+s+r // SBGL + DTNH

xsr sugar loaf

Let’s look at that second Rio area airport today, as well as a revised freeware airport in Tunisia. Along the way, we’ll take in a few more Hot and Fresh paints for the new FF763, so let’s hit the road…


SBGL hdr

So…you say you don’t know the name Antonio Carlos Jobim? Ah…well, you’re probably not alone. Still, odds are you know the song The Girl From Ipanema, a piece made famous in the U.S. by Frank Sinatra in 1968, but Jobim’s contributions to Latin American music were larger still and became the stuff of legend. The mascot of the 2016 Olympic Games, those just held in Rio, was named “Tom” – in honor of the name Jobim went by – and Galeão Airport was renamed in Jobim’s honor after his death in 1994. There just aren’t too many airports in the world named after musicians – John Lennon in Liverpool, W. A. Mozart in Salzburg come to mind – so it’s a curiously rare phenomenon. What is it about music that can come to define an era, or even a culture? And what does it say about the things we hold most dear that we’d name a large commercial institution after an intensely private musician?

If you’ve not listened to the 1967 collaboration between Sinatra and Jobim…well…I’d recommend it to anyone even remotely interested in music generally – and in jazz more specifically. Try the piece Dindi, or even Corcovado for a taste of the magic that arose when these two legends came together, and if you get a chance to read the liner notes someday…they are fascinating.


The Brazilian airport SBGL has had a long and somewhat tortured history as a commercial airport; the facility was originally an air base – and the air base is still active on this site – though the union has frequently been an unhappy one. Still, the commercial needs of the region were best met by this field as SBRJ Santos Dumont was too limited by the surrounding city to expand.

Recall we looked at SBRJ last week? Well, GloballART’s SBRJ and SBGL should be considered complimentary scenery files, and having one without the other simply make little sense. Not only are the airports unusually close to one another, but complimentary Rio city objects are included in each – not both – so, for instance, in order to see the renowned Christ the Redeemer monument looming over the city – along with the cable car up to the summit of Sugar-Loaf Mountain – you need both airport files. Another consideration? SBRJ handles a limited number of domestic flights, while SBGL-Jobim handles all the heavy international stuff – and then some. Even so, both airports are served by a relatively limited number of carriers, and with the demise of VARIG in 2010 almost all flights to Europe and North America have been handled by these respective countries flag carriers.

I personally find the old VARIG paint from the 50s and 60s, the one first seen globally on VARIG’s 707-320s, to be one of the very best liveries ever. The lines and colors are classic, the brand unmistakable, and ‘fscabral’ – one of the best livery painters in X-plane – just added the 763 to his collection of VARIG liveries, and it’s gorgeous. His paint is a fitting tribute to the airline, and a perfect compliment to GloballART’s SBGL file.


GloballART’s original v1 file was completely revamped last summer and, together with the same developers SBRJ, make a compelling case for adding a new South American destination to your existing route network. BA, Air France, Alitalia, Lufthansa, LOT, Edelweiss, TAP, Iberia, KLM and Norwegian Air Shuttle all call on this airport from Europe, while American, Delta and United handle the chores to North America. Notably, there’s also non-stop service to SCEL Santiago, Chile by several carriers, linking that great airport file to Rio and adding yet another route to your available options.


SBGL-Jobim can handle any size aircraft, up to and including the A380, and note that Air France’s inaugural run with the very first Concorde was direct service to Rio, and to this very airport.

SBGL chart

The facility is covered by all major charting packages, too.

SBGL 319

GloballART’s file is complete in every regard, from PBM/HDR materials to layout. The ortho used is high resolution but objects are used for depictions of cars and ground service facilities & related vehicles. There are massive air cargo facilities, nice though limited GA and biz-jet ramps, a number of flutterbug pads (most lighted, as below). Ramp lighting is excellent while pavement markings are intact but faded, matching the weathered nature of the surrounding ramps and runways. The region’s highways are modeled with care when they get close to the airport.

Below, a quick hop in the Bell 407 passing the Christ the Redeemer statue on the way to SBRJ – via Sugar Loaf mountain. Keep an eye out for the blue-lighted statue and the cable car station atop the mountain…


These off-grounds features are well detailed, with ancillary tourist facilities modeled in appropriate areas, and both are defining cultural landmarks – as well as noted navigation points.

SBGL is a 10/10 Must Have file for long distance international flights to the US, Europe, Africa, and major South American cities. Together with SBRJ, these two create a nicely immersive urban landscape and so, you might say, they make beautiful music together. Frank and Tom would approve.

SBGL is available at all the usual outlets, including the Org Store; price is just under 30 buckeroos USD. fscabral’s 763 paint is located here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48378-varig-pp-voj-for-767-300-professional-extended-from-flight-factor/


DTNH hdr

DTNH Enfidha is Tunisia’s largest airport, true enough, but it is also the second largest airport on the African continent (after Johannesburg, SA), and as the sun falls towards the southern horizon every winter the flights from Eastern Europe and Russia start heading this way. With pristine beaches, an ideal climate, and an established tourist friendly resort network…is it any wonder?

DTNH chart

Most flights from Western Europe are handled by TUI/Thomas Cook, and we just happen to have another relevant new paint for the 763 today (link here).


This airport simply looks better at night in it’s current state, though the developer is working on revisions. Still, it’s good enough as is for most OPS, and if interested in North African destinations you won’t want to miss this one.

Get it here, too: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/47260-dtnh-enfidha-hammamet/

That’s all for today…we’ll see you soon – C


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